I really wish I could sit up here and lie to you and give you some flowery introduction about all my accomplishments.  It’s not that I don’t have any, I’ve amassed a few in my lifetime but it just seems shallow and superficial.  If I had to cite one just for ‘legitimacy’ I guess I’d say I’ve successfully lived my life as a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.  If I had any advice, I’d probably say it’s not a wise idea.

I might be a little bit ‘mad’ I find with creativity there is this lunacy and in sharing with others plagued with this fever, they too share they’re a little bit out to snacks.  One day last week someone felt inclined to share she wouldn’t call my work creative.  Five years ago that might have crushed me.  Today I simply conclude it doesn’t matter what she thinks she probably wouldn’t buy my book.  Well, that’s not to say I’m actually going to write a book but if I did…she wouldn’t buy it and given the superficiality of today’s world where everyone’s got a gimmick it’s important to know when you have a loyal customer.

I hate bullshit…

I hate it more when it’s blatant…

I’m amused by how it fuels so many…

I also realize my truth is my own and so enjoy dialogue and debate – but lately most bow out sideways and I’m left talking to myself…

Read my echos…

Send one back…

Here’s to a journey.


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