Dammit! Dare to Dream…

By the time one reaches their 30’s many are jaded…societal norms and indoctrination have taken hold and the power we were born vested within us to create has been dismissed as frivolous folly, an endeavor for fools…UNless one was fortunate enough to be blessed with wise caregivers who understood the wisdom of nurturing one’s gypsy even IF a bit eccentric…

I embrace non conformity…every artist knows in order to really feel whole, whether they suck or not they HAVE to be in touch with that part of them deep within…that vulnerable part…their soul and they must learn how to tame the fear and muster up the courage to say:  “Hello world! This is me! Here is my heart! Come and play!” Oftentimes the heart is greeted with spit balls and tomatoes and the artist must learn to deal with rejection, disinterest, criticism, DISMISSAL…and forge ahead despite such a “warm and welcoming’ environment.

We ‘appreciate’ artists who have left a significant mark on the world – it’s interesting how an artist’s work becomes more valuable when they die…why is that I wonder?…

Then there is the interminable challenge…when can one lay claim to being an ‘Artist’?…When can one OWN who and what they are?…What qualifies one to lay claim to the title of ‘ARTIST’?  External validation or self?

“I think, therefore I AM” – yet applying that principal literally doesn’t make me a ‘BRAIN’…so where is the truth?

They say LOVE is the answer…the answer to everything…and I believe it to be so…

When you don’t feed your spirit, your soul, your gift – you die a little bit every day…

All that garbage put out there…don’t believe it!  BE YOU!  You were born to create!  I don’t care what your thing is…CREATE!  Feel NO SHAME and tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to take a long walk off a short pier because they’re selling you a cheap pack of lies…


Complacency and conformity is DEATH…do not surrender. Move outside the box…EVERY artist has the same group of negative Nellies or Normans in there who meet on a daily basis who work very hard at brainwashing you that it can’t be done and you’re not good enough…don’t listen to them!  DO IT!  Do it with abandon, passion and LOVE…

Leo Buscaglia shared in his Forward to the book entitled “LOVE”

We need not be afraid to touch, to feel, to show emotion.  The easiest thing in the world to be is what you are, what you feel.  The hardest thing to be is what other people want you to be, but that’s the scene we are living in.  Are you really you or are you what people said you are?  AND are you interested in really knowing who you are because if you are, it is the happiest trip of your life.  AND this loving person is also one who sees the continual wonder and joy of being alive that contrary to the media, we were meant to be happy because there are so many beautiful things in our world – trees, and birds and faces.  There are no two things alike and things are always changing.  How can we get bored?  There has never been the same sunset twice.  Look at everybody’s face.  Each face is different.  Everybody has his own beauty.  There have never been two flowers alike.  Nature abhors sameness.  Even two blades of grass are different.  The Buddhists taught me a fantastic thing.  They believe in the here and now.  If you live for tomorrow, which is only a dream, then all you are going to have is an unrealized dream.  AND the past is no longer real.  It has value because it made you what you are now, but that is all the value it has.  So don’t live in the past.  LIVE NOW.  When you are eating, eat.  When you are loving, love.  When you are talking with someone, talk.  When you are looking at a flower, look.  Catch the beauty of the moment!

The loving person has no need to be perfect, only human.  The idea of perfection frightens me.  We’re almost afraid to do anything anymore because we can’t do it perfectly.  Maslow says there are marvelous peak experiences that we all should be experiencing, like creating a pot in ceramics or painting a picture and putting it over here and saying, “That’s an extension of me.”  There’s another existentialist theory that says, “I must be because I have done something.  I have created something – therefore, I am.”  Yet we don’t want to do this because we’re afraid it isn’t going to be good, it isn’t going to be approved of.  If you feel like smearing ink on a wall, you do it.  Say, “That came out of me, it’s my creation, I did it, and it is good.”  But we’re afraid because we want things to be perfect, We want our children to be perfect.

Get rid of whatever is holding you back. CREATE.


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